Transform was established in 2013 with a mission to assist others in transforming their dreams into their reality, by strategically fueling their passion. Elena began by creating the structure of her system with the 3A Objective: Awareness, Achievement, Autonomy. The very first program she developed was for the first A: Awareness, and is titled ‘Are You Boxed In?’ This program allows an individual to become aware of which box persona they are acting as according to Elena’s development of the Peeper, Flipper, Inspector, and Warrior. Each Box Persona describes the mentality behind what keeps us stuck inside the “box” and stuck in a life of dead dreams. The Warrior is the box persona who succeeds in defining and fulfilling their passion–creating their Empire.

This then led Elena to create the next three programs to fulfill the second A Objective: Achievement. These programs are ‘Your 5D Transformation System’, ‘Stimulate My Mind’, and ‘Your Personalized Road Map to Success’. Within Your ‘5D Transformation System’, Elena has developed several lessons in each of the following Ds: Determining Who You Are, Divorcing Your Fears, Discovering Your Capabilities, Developing a Significant Life, and Defining Your Purpose. Each D has been strategically placed due to the fact that one cannot divorce their fears without first determining who they are, they cannot discover their capabilities without first divorcing their fears, they cannot develop a significant life without first becoming successful in the first 3 Ds, and they cannot define their purpose without first becoming successful in the first 4 Ds.

‘Stimulate My Mind’ and ‘Your Personalized Road Map to Success’ are the final programs that one must become successful in before claiming their thrown as a Warrior who is capable and determined to create their Empire. Once this level is reached, Elena knows without a shadow of a doubt, and has seen first hand, that one is ready for the 3rd A: Autonomy.

Within the 3rd A: Autonomy, Elena offers her 7 academies, with the 8th academy having been developed by one of her Empire Creator Members, Joseph Hastings. These academies are: Public Speaking, Author and Publication, Strategic Book Marketing, Program Development, Coaching and Consulting, Empire, Membership Website, and Grant Writing.

Now with all her programs and academies in place, Elena has found that her client’s have found a place where they can acquire everything they need in order to really transform their dreams into their reality. Transform offers 3 levels of entry: Business Owner, Entrepreneur, and Empire Creator. You can find out more about each academy here. You can find out more about each program here.  You can find out about the different levels of membership and everything that is offered here.