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“Elena Rahrig made my first experience in writing a book extremely painless!  Customer service is right on target. The professionalism and quality  of the book is above and beyond. Thank you for making this first experience an exciting journey.”

Jeanne Porter
Founder of Women in Business Networking

“As a published author of two previous books not published by Otter Publishing, I can’t tell you how so very impressed I am with the ease and speed with which this amazing book came to be. From its inception to its delivery, the communication, attention to detail, and commitment to get the job done was top priority. Expectations were communicated, feedback was encouraged, and Elena Rahrig was on top of every bit of it! Personally, I felt heard and validated throughout the entire process, and was kept in the loop on updates and needs. The finished product is a gem and I’m so very proud to be a part of it. I highly recommend Otter Publishing and Elena Rahrig for any author looking for a successful experience! Kudos!”

Lyn Hogrefe MS Ed
Exec Director, Happy Hormone Cottage, LLC
Founder Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation
author, speaker, educator, blogger
WC-Liberty Chamber Alliance Women of Excellence 2015
Athena Award Finalist 2013
CincyChic Woman of the Year 2013
WiBN Top 25 Women to Watch 2011
Twitter handle @HHormoneCottage

“Contained within these pages is a profound and insightful text for the seeker of truth! As you travel down this adventurous road of thoughts, you will be able to see where you are and where your exciting destination awaits you. Are You Boxed In? is a wonderful journey of self-examination into the reasons we respond the way we do.”

Patrick Snow
International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and Boy Entrepreneur

Are You Boxed In? offers the revolutionary suggestion that it is no longer about just thinking outside of the box, but we need to crush the box completely. Elena Rahrig asks us to discover whether we are a Peeper, Flipper, Inspector, or Warrior. Only the Warrior succeeds in leaving the confining box behind. Elena teaches us how to determine who we want to be and learn how to become Warriors, while keeping God in the process and also what’s important in life in perspective. It’s time to crush the box!”

Tyler R. Tichelaar,
Ph.D., and award-winning author of Narrow Lives and Arthur’s Legacy

“This  powerful and  practical book  guides you to   change  the mindset attitudes that hold you back and block your success. Follow its simple strategies to transform your life.”

Susan Friedmann, CSP
International best-selling author of  Riches in Niches: How to Make it BIG in a small Market

“I found so much strength within myself with BoxCrushers. The program, Your 5D Transformation System, has helped me realize what it means to be a Warrior, be significant, and to be the light in this world. I never realized how close I was to becoming a Warrior or what steps I needed to take to get myself there. This is an amazing and inspiring program to take!”

Lea Purk

Elena’s messages are extremely refreshing! She has a terrific spirit!”

Stephanie Shutt

“Thank you, Father God, for putting Elena into our lives. Elena has let her past determine her future. She uses her past to comfort the brokenhearted and set the captives free. I have always been totally comfortable and at ease with sharing fears or difficult and sometimes prideful situations with her. She has never judged me, but instead, has loved me. I always thought I had to be a leader to be a warrior. How wrong I was. Through the book, Are You Boxed IN?, Elena has explained for me in great detail how to be a Warrior and to live the life God intended me to live. If you want to find true happiness in a difficult world, peruse the pages of this book. Easy and fantastic reading.”

Patricia Webb

“Love Elena’s message! She is an inspiration!”

Chenoa Keller

“The realness Elena brings to the table is refreshing. To hear her put it all on the table, in a loving way, reminds me of how God loves me too, no matter how much I have messed up. I too, can be significant!”

Sara Heitmeyer

Elena has inspired me to become the woman I always dreamed of becoming. She has encouraged me to follow my dreams, and I am thankful for her daily.”

Jessica Glassey

“Elena has been a motivator, an encouragement, and an asset to my life. I believe everyone she reaches will be changed for the better, as I have.”

Jennifer Thompson

“This woman amazes me! Thank God for placing her in my path when He did. It all happened early on before some major changes in my life, and then BAM! He sent her back my way…my Elena angel. She helped me through some very dark moments so we all know it was for a reason! Keep me inspired, my dear! You have truly impacted my life!”

Tracey Willoughby

“This book, Are You Boxed IN?, is very uplifting and so truthful. Elena, I love the way you speak from your heart and put into powerful words how we all feel. I relate to your book, and I know it will be on the best-seller list.”

Barb Mesker

As I read the book, Tangled and Tormented, there were so many times that I just wanted to yell out – “No Elena Don’t!” There were times that I became angry of how she was dismissed in her dreams and used by so many!  There were other times that I wanted to reach into the pages and say that – He is the answer, with the He being referenced as a blend between God and her now husband Doug – if nothing else take her by the hand and lead her. We have been blessed in that Elena has done what many of us have the power to do with similar energy – Elena has made it through and been an inspirational motivator to many. Read this book of survival of the spiritually fittest and follow.

Jack Hammill

Loved how raw and real Elena was in sharing her life as a backsliding Christian. The emotion that she not only experienced, but captured for us all to feel and relate to touched my soul and made me realize that I am not alone and that I too can conquer my past.

Lea Purk

As I read Tangled and Tormented I found myself saying, “This is the last chapter and I am going to go to bed.” However, I found myself not being able to put it down. Elena’s story is very relatable, as I too have had my own struggles and things that I had done in my life where I wondered why I was living that way and why I kept making the same bad choices. My biggest struggle, just like Elena, was who am I?  It was so enlightening to read about someone such as Elena who has so much to offer this world, yet had trouble finding her place. At the end I loved how Elena was able to overcome her past and stand today as a conqueror.

Beth Lybarger

Love this book Tangled and Tormented. The chapter titles alone intrigued me to read on. The introduction gave me hope that I too can become a conqueror of my past and allow God to use my life for what He created me for. As Elena had, I too have struggled with anger issues and am learning that God wants us to conqueror our past so that we can live for Him. Elena is an excellent example of this. Her story gives people hope that they too can let go of their past and push towards a better and brighter future. I love her husband’s heart and he is an excellent example for many men. Thank you for holding out Doug.

Pat Webb